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So I used clean hands extremely gently. Hi.. How can I replace marshmallow fluff? Hi there! The salted caramel was delicious and balanced out the sweetness of the cake. Last updated Dec 10, 2020. It looks delish! Hi Cristina, I have not tried using any substitutes for the evaporated milk in this recipe. However, I did encounter some problems with this recipe and I am by no means a novice baker. I love Snickers. I found it is essential to have deep (at least 2 inches) layer cake pans My 8 inch pans were less than 2 inches deep, and even though I made 2 cupcakes, there was still too much batter in my pans, and the pans overflowed during baking. Hello I did not attempt to make this cake but I wanted it for my husband’s 50th birthday – he loves Snickers! We have not tried it yet, his birthday is Monday, but it looks amazing and all the parts taste great. It’s SO worth it! The chocolate cake is then poked with holes and soaked in a … So thank you so much for sharing with us! I want to bake this cake for my birthday, it seems like a looot of work (that worths every second of it!!). Normally this wouldn’t bother me so much, but as I am donating the cake to a bake sale tomorrow this was highly disappointing as I wanted it to look as nice as your lovely photo. You really can’t in that filling recipe, but if you can’t find it in the store, you can make your own:, Hello I took the leftovers (I actually made 2×6″ cakes) to a restaurant today and no less than 4 groups of people walked by our table to say what an amazing cake it looked like. I have a question about the peanuts, perhaps I missed it. Hi Kake, I have not, however the recipe would also work well with three 9″ pans. I was intimidated at first looking at all the ingredients but I’m so glad I gave it a try. Hi Michelle, In a large bowl, whisk together cake mix, pudding, sour cream, vegetable oil, eggs and vanilla. Add the sugar and evaporated milk, stirring until dissolved, and bring to a boil. Love your blog! I made it a few years ago for my Dad’s 75th birthday – he could eat Snickers by the bag. Well done and thank you for sharing this incredible recipe. This was sooo yummy! Frosting can also be made 1 day in advance, covered, and … You cannot substitute one for the other. Nonetheless I baked them as instructed. Thanks for your help ! Is there anything I can use instead of marshmellow fluff? Do you have any tips for cutting such neat slices? I love it but my friend doesn’t, so I plan on leaving it out. It say to have the coffee HOT and then mix the buttermilk eggs coffee and vanilla together, my only problem with that is…that if you mix a hot liquid with eggs they will scramble and not turn out correct. Wow, I still can not stop drooling over your pictures. In the bowl of an electric mixer (or large mixing bowl if you're using a hand mixer), sift together the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder and salt. I certainly hope they do . Thanks :). It warms my heart. This is by far one of the best cakes I have ever had! Thank you for sharing this recipe with the world. yummy. Can it be substituted with normal marshmallows? I dust off my cakes with a pastry brush before I begin. This could also be a factor. Have you ever used any different size pans except three 8″ pans? I followed ur steps but it turns out a bit dense..ur reply will means a lot to me as I plan to re attempt this cake again soon.. Hi Erica, Without being there, it’s really hard to say exactly what caused it, but some thoughts – do you have an oven thermometer? :) She was the best baker! Sprinkle with chips and nuts. Why did this happen ? I found the recipe for a Snickers cake in an old cookbook (which I still own), and it required the melting of several candy bars of the caramel/peanut/nougat variety into a batter. Truth is, I don’t even like snickers bars (i’m really more of a milky way gal) but THIS is making me drool. I’m a diehard NHL hockey fan, too. Like I said, I totally delved into “special occasion” cake territory here, and it might be one of the best cakes that I’ve ever made. This recipe looks AMAZING and I would like to try to make this for my Dad’s birthday this weekend. Made this cake over the weekend, day one I made the nougat and caramel sauce, next day I baked the cake, made the frosting and ganache. Such a brilliant recipe and such good instructions- I’d never made caramel or nougat before and you made it so simple! Hi Emily, There really isn’t a way to back off of the salted caramel flavor if you cooked it a little bit longer than intended. Wish I had seen this last month when it was my birthday!! He passed away the day after his 45th birthday in 2005–I was 15. I found the recipe very easy to follow, very clear instructions. This dessert was the highlight of the party. Do you think there’s a way to cut the sugar and still produce a tasty cake? Hi Siiri, Evaporated milk does not come in sweetened or unsweetened. The Recipe Salted Caramel Apple Snickers Cake. Sprinkle chopped candy bars and 2 tablespoons peanuts on top. I’m used to measuring my dry ingredients by weight but do have measuring cups. Is there something I could use to substitute the marshmallow fluff with? Melt caramel with milk and margarine. He has repeatedly asked for it, so this year, I’m making it for his birthday. Charlotte. Thank you! No one would believe that there were no snicker bars used in the recipe. The bakery said they were also going to put in on their menu. Chill. I would freeze the individual cake layers, then assemble closer to when you want to serve the cake. I live in QUito so I bake in altitude, I was thinking it had something to do with that. put the last 2 ingredients into the saucepan and stir together. Do you think the filling and frosting could be made a day in advance and stored in the fridge? Your cake looks absolutely sublime. Grease and line a round 8-inch springform cake tin with a little baking or parchment paper. I have made this cake numerous times for birthdays! This post was so sweet (in more ways than one) haha. Hi, I made the nougat filling ahead and am storing in the fridge. This cake is everything a special celebration cake should be…downright SINFUL! The cake looks AMAZING! I’m looking to make this for my husband as a surprise. I made her favorite Starbucks drink in cake form on the second anniversary of her passing this year. The first time I made the cake, I followed your directions exactly with no changes. Hi there! The whole family said it was the best cake they have ever had! Yes, this recipe is very time consuming. Hi Charlotte, You can use 9-inch pans, no problem! crunchy and gooey at the same time. <3<3 Thank you for the recip, but i have to add one thing. Thank you, Thank you so much , also I am having problems finding Dutch Cocoa , would I be able to use regular cocoa powder? But consistently we have the center forming a bubble and then a crater. There are four parts to this recipe that all come together to satisfy the sweetest tooth–the snickers cheesecake, the chocolate cake, the ganache, and the Snickers frosting. Do I have to use peanut butter in the nougat? Microwave the chocolate in 30-second intervals, stirring until melted. :). Hi Isabelle, You cannot taste the coffee in this cake. Thurs is one of the best recipes i have ever found!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Two inch deep 8 inch pans are essential for this cake; if your pans are less than 2 inches, just use 9 inch layer cake pans. It took me an entire afternoon and for some reason all three of my cake layers sunk horribly in the middle? I then frosted the whole cake with a thin layer of salted caramel buttercream and topped it with a milk chocolate ganache and chopped peanuts. I end up having to over-estimate how much I need, or I won’t have enough so the sides don’t show, and 4. One incredible cake, and what a sweet tribute to your father! Making this today for my daughter and son-in-law’s anniversary!!! I tried but as i poured the chocolate ganache over the frosting it went hard straight away without giving it a chance to drip. Our one layer cake collection is growing fast and I’m pretty happy about it. Home > Recipes by Category > Cakes > Snickers Cake. Made this last weekend! So delicious and so worth it. Do you think that might had something to do with my spilled-over batter? What a great tribute to your dad, (I lost my dad when I was 20) but I’m sure he would have loved this gorgeous looking cake! I still went ahead with what was left, I guess I have a shorter cake but still just as delicious, I’m sure! The cupcakes were even better, although they weren’t nearly as attractive just because they were very flat, but they had the perfect ratio of everything. The only problem I had was with the salted caramel sauce (no I did not burn it). The chocolate cake alone is fantastic! You can probably get the wraps anywhere cake supplies are sold but I’ve actually seen them at Michael’s. thinking about making it for a friends birthday. this Cake is great and on the first try, it went perfect! Hi Roro, If it’s too stiff to spread after refrigerating, let it sit at room temperature for a bit to soften up. Great recipe! I noticed the recipe for the Ganache says heavy cream and milk chocolate but from the picture posted, your ganache with chopped peanut looked like a just brown chocolate. I think it would make 2 cakes with some left over batter for cupcakes . Oh, my. THANK YOU for sharing such a beautiful tribute! I made this cake from scratch and it turned out heavenly.I made marshmellow fluff and caramel by myself from your recipes.I just doubled the cream cheese frosting as I like it so much.I also made it in cupcakes shape with nougat filling and caramel cream cheese frosting a little bit of chocolate ganauche on the top which was even more delicious than the cake. It looks delicious! Thanks Michelle! x. I used my favorite chocolate cake recipient, but otherwise followed the recipe. Just wow. Thanks again. I put the nougat in and the sticky texture meant the top of the cake ripped when trying to spread with a spoon. I didn’t have the Dutch-processes cocoa so I used the regular one. My mom and I baked this cake together for my birthday yesterday. I would like to make mini cakes. Ik had die van mij in de koelkast gelegd om te koelen maar achteraf was deze net te hard om te smeren, haha. Delicious, best cake I have made! This cake will be perfect pick-me-up to his day. Your Dad would have gone bonkers for this cake! This recipe sounds absolutely great and I plan on making it for a friend’s birthday this weekend. I really recommend using it – you can’t taste the coffee, but it really enhances the chocolate flavor. Not just the best cake I’ve ever made; this is the best cake I’ve ever eaten. I baked it … Hello, my name is Holly Jade and Welcome to The Little Blog of Vegan. Every single thing about it was amazing, and it looked incredible! Tastes just like eating a snickers bar. The cake is still very moist but not greasy as I originally found. Spray 13x9-inch pan with cooking spray. Man, I wish we were neighbors so I could snag a piece of this. Sorry, I didn’t read the other comments first. You could whisk together the cake filling probably without consequence, but whisking the frosting together would probably be slightly difficult. The spirit of your father will live on in my family as my sons birthday cake. I covered it in the chocolate, I used Lindt milk and it was soooo good! I made this for my husband’s birthday. This recipe is perfect!!! All around a great recipe that everyone should try. If I convert the cups to grams will it be accurate and work well for this cake? This looks so delicious! Hi Amber, Thank you so much for sharing, and for the incredibly sweet comment :) I’m glad your husband had a great 30th birthday party! Please never get rid of this recipe. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Keywords: poke cake, chocolate cake, how to make poke cake, poke cake recipe, snickers cake, snickers dessert, chocolate peanut butter cake. Enjoy! Set aside to cool, whisking occasionally, until it has thickened slightly, yet still a pourable consistency. Snickers is my favorite chocolate bar so I can’t wait to make this! This is pure decadence at its finest! I’ve never made a cake without using a scale. There is a heck of a lot going on with this Snickers® Cheesecake Recipe, but it actually all went pretty smoothly. I was looking for birthday cake recipes and came upon this one. I made the nougat and caramel the day before putting the cake together. Leavening agents like baking soda and baking powder work best when first mixed, so if batter is left to sit for a period of time, they are diffused, so to speak. It might be a bit too much batter for a 9×13 pan though. Also used the chocolate layers for a BD cake for a friends daughter, great and easy recipe. You’re a star. If you are thinking about making this cake, MAKE IT! Here’s hoping! The presentation & flavor knocks it out of the park!! Place the chocolate in a medium bowl; set aside. Peanuts, caramel, chocolate, it’s all there! Will that be ok? I wish we could directly upload the picture of things we make here for you. Thank you soo much!! thanks! The only thing problem is I need to decorate it for a Captain America themed birthday party. Hi Amanda, No, the measurement is correct. but i wanted to ask if its possible to bake the whole batter in one pan? 2 One day we walked into his office and my sister and I saw tons of candy bar wrappers in his garbage can. 8’s overflow. This was my first time making caramel sauce (used your recipe for that as well) and I think it turned out well. I buy Penzeys Dutch-process cocoa powder. It turned out really yummy and great looking. Thank you for taking the time to answer me!! So happy to meet you online and to share our love of baking and hockey! You can do this leaving it at room temperature or you can pop it into the refrigerator to speed up the process. I could only find 9in pans at the store. Someone else mentioned not liking coffee, and I was wondering if you could use something else, like maybe hot chocolate, instead? I’ve made several chocolate cakes with boiling water/coffee but this was the first time I was ever concerned. The flavors are spot on, and he has requested it every year since then. Hi May, You could make your own! I’m just hoping the cakes won’t be too difficult to work and fall apart on me. Hi Hope, I don’t drink coffee either, but I do make exceptions for chocolate baked goods, including this cake. I have been holding onto to this recipe for a couple of years (and was very intimidated by all of the steps). You can do that, although the 3rd may not rise as high. Hi Tina, You can’t use just marshmallows, but you could use homemade marshmallow creme:, Thanks for your super fast reply! I bought jet-puffed marshmallow creme, but I heard the creme was different than fluff. Thankyou for sharing. OMG! Hi Kate, You can, I just can’t guarantee how it might affect the texture or final outcome, as I haven’t tried doing that. Thanks for all your amazing recipes! The bad flavor does not come through in the frosting, just in the sauce itself, which I’m afraid will affect the cake when I pour the sauce over each layer of nougat. The texture of the nougat won’t come out quite right without it. Hi Amy, I actually am not a coffee drinker either, have never liked the stuff. Will that be ok? My only suggestion was we added and extra 1/2 cup of peanut butter to the nouget to get more peanut butter taste since the chocolate in the cake is so rich ( and were huge peanut butter lovers !) Hi Missi, You can, but wrap it extremely tightly in a couple of layers of plastic wrap, and then foil. Frost the cake with the salted caramel frosting, finishing it as smoothly as possible. I’m making this for a crowd and think it would be easier to serve in 9 by 13 form. Remove cake from oven and pour caramel mixture over top. I wanted to make this cake ahead of time and put it in the freezer. I’d like to especially thank you for the salted caramel sauce, it’s one of my favorite flavor combinations and I can’t wait try it on everything :). As Michelle says, it just brings out the chocolate in the cake. Tomorrow would have been – should have been – my dad’s 60th birthday. He said “it’s the best cake I’ve ever had in his life”. I’m sure he would have absolutely loved it, 100%! I had to Pin this recipe onto my board of “Yummy Stuff”. This cake seems like the perfect tribute being that it was Snickers bar wrappers! (Tomorrow is my birthday!!!) Thanks for a great recipe! Could I whip some heavy cream in it? I am glad that I made it today as it was more time consuming than I thought it would be. Spray 13x9-inch pan with cooking spray. I was able to prepare in one day the first time but this time I have to prep in stages, so wondering if the nougat be made a day or two ahead of time and stored for later prep? I have never seen a cake dissapear so much. *Everyone* loved the cake and wouldn’t stop talking about it. Thanks for the post! For extra indulgence, drizzle caramel sauce on top. This looks great! Just made it today for my boyfriends birthday and Wow! I lost mine almost 2 years ago at 98 3/4 (hey, I figure we count the months at the beginning of life, why not at the end!) Hi Michelle, thanks so much for your helpful reply. Also, how crazy would it be to try to whisk everything by hand…? I baked it in an 8×8″ disposable square pan, and it looked a little questionable, but I gave it to him anyway and he thought it was the sweetest thing ever. Step 5 states, “Fold in the peanuts, then pour over the bottom chocolate layer. Evaporated milk is milk that is heated to remove a majority of the water content so it has a more concentrated flavor. That nougat filling took it to a whole other level. So moist. I made this cake for a friend’s birthday – I would never consider going to this much effort otherwise! What a beautiful tribute to your dad. Best chocolate cake recipe I have ever produced. Make the Cake: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease three 8-inch round cake pans, line the bottoms with rounds of parchment paper, grease the parchment, then flour the insides of the pans, tapping out excess; set aside. This cake is the traditional birthday cake in my family. oh Michelle – Your tribute is beautiful. Hi, planning to make this for my dad’s birthday, but I won’t have four hours the day before. I’m going to make this for my husband’s birthday this August! If it’s wrong to lick my computer screen then I don’t want to be right. Hi Maria, The sinking in the middle could definitely be due to baking at altitude. I hope your brother enjoys the cake! I was able to cut down the sugar down to 2 cups in the cake instead of 3, and used 1/2 cup sugar in the buttercream frosting rather than 2 cups which help up well (trick to keep it solid is to use full fat cream cheese and refrigerate)! I have never actually known what “nougat” consisted of- now I know for sure! For the filling, I used the peanut nougat from the homemade Snickers bar recipe, along with a smear of salted caramel sauce. Other than that, for a novice baker all components individually were great to make. Add Comment. Prepare cake according to directions. Pip. It’s a real treat! Just died a little inside. Fold in the peanuts. It looks so DELICIOUS! :). With years of baking experience between us, we can’t figure out what we are doing wrong. Amazing! Begin whisking the mixture in the center, gradually working your way outward until the ganache is completely smooth. So, you will melt in front of this extra gourmet Snickers flavor cake recipe! Then I layered up the cake, filling each layer with chocolate peanut butter buttercream, caramel sauce and roasted peanuts. Hi Jo, Sorry about that! I made this cake weekend past. What a beautiful way to remember your dad. Snickers Cheesecake Cake Recipe There is a heck of a lot going on with this Snickers® Cheesecake Recipe, but it actually all went pretty smoothly. It makes it super easy to follow along, even when you are in a bit of a foggy mind set. I have never made nougat or caramel sauce before but your recipe was so easy to use – thank you. I’m not a chocoholic but the combo of salty peanuts, delicious nougat, caramel and chocolate in this cake is AMAZINGLY DIVINE!!! I’m in Australia and don’t know where I could get it here… I saw this and had to make it for Father’s Day. Since I am not a coffee drinker/maker, do you have any tips on how to make the “strong” coffee called for?? My mom found the recipe in a Southern Living magazine (we think) years ago. I lost my Dad in October. My first time trying the caramel I burned it just a touch and so I redid it and it was well worth it. Thanks! And your food shots are gorgeous. Made this cake today and the recipe is just perfect. People go nuts over this cake!! When you go back and keep adding more frosting to that final layer makes it easy to mess things up. Thanks for sharing. I make a lot of cakes and my family said this was the best yet. I made this cake today and initially everything went well. Maybe the nougat need to be refrigerated before using? Loved loved this cake !!! Sorry Dad! I would like to make this for my boyfriend with a caffeine intolerance. Many thanks. I’m not sure what you mean by “normal” chocolate, but it’s a ganache with milk chocolate and heavy cream. Hi there, I’m in Australia and really hoping to make this. It does not taste burn, just a bit *too* done. We are big cake eaters and most couldn’t finish their slice it’s so rich. I made the cakes and caramel one day, the nougat and frosting the next, and the ganache late-night that second day. In a large bowl, cream shortening and 2 cups sugar until fluffy. when i need a cake, it’s gencerellis bakery in bloomfield nj for me. :) My question is, did you find the cream cheese to come out in the frosting or is it masked by the caramel? I just sat and stared at it with my mouth open for ten minutes this morning. I love this cake recipe. While making this batter I noticed it was very very thin – like water. :) I’m sorry your Dad isn’t here to celebrate, but I’m sure he’s here in spirit eating slice after slice with you. Bake 28 to 32 minutes or until toothpick inserted in … he LOVES snickers and knew I had to make it as soon as I saw it (when my sister and i were little, he even named our dog snickers)!! :). Wishing you all the best with your ventures Xx. Even though it takes more time than a normal cake, the effort is so well worth it. Otherwise too sweet. Thanks for the recipe and can’t wait to see how it turns out. Still insanely delicious!! Thanks for the Recipe! Find the recipe for Snickers Cake and other peanut recipes at Snickers Cheesecake Cake Recipe. I’m so sorry you lost your dad so young but it is so nice that you make a special point to remember him on his birthday. I will say, though, that you might want to buy three pans for cakes such as these where you bake them in three layers. I wish I hadn’t . Thanks for much for sharing this. Refrigerate for 1 hour. I will like to make caramal filling for a cake what should .. this is my first time looking at your blog nice cake ty will try it soon ty. Sorry to question since no one else brought this up I am probably worrying for nothing. When the cake is done and while it’s still hot, poke holes in it … The only slight criticism I had was that the frosting didn’t seem to be enough adequately cover the whole cake. If not, could you tell me which method you use for measuring flour? Hi Amy, It’s not a typo – that’s correct! You can also get it on Amazon, from King Arthur Flour, and some folks can find it in their grocery store. & the caramel didint stop dripping. Could this cake be frozen? I bet he would have loved this cake – who wouldn’t?! It was great! and I have to try it! Enjoy! I made this for my man’s birthday, because he despises regular birthday cake, and he LOVED it. Last week I introduced you to my Peanut Butter and Jelly Poke Cake and now I’ve got a Snickers one layer cake comin’ at ya. While cake is baking, mix condensed milk and hot caramel topping until well blended. I made it yesterday and its time consuming, but then anything fast and easy usually isn’t that good. I just made the cake for my husband’s birthday. I cut up a Snickers bar and decorated the top with it and more peanuts. Any thoughts? Recipes, Holidays, Sweets and Treats, Halloween, Cakes … Beat the butter, 3 tablespoons … Balanced out really nice – Great recipe !!! I WILL BE TRY MAKE IT IN OTHER OCASION WITH DUTCH PROCES, I’M GOING TO ORDER FROM SAN DIEGO, BE CAUSE I LIVE IN MEXICO. Thanks for an amazing recipe. It has a little spook factor to it, the caramel apples and the whole Snickers thing makes it a dead ringer for Halloween, when everything is all about candy. Amazing cake!! I opened it a few (several) months ago… It usually still works though, I keep it sealed. Hi Sandy, Yes, you can make the nougat ahead of time and refrigerate. I taste tested a chunk that was left behind and it did taste nice so I’m going to fill and decorate them in a few days. Considering I have only baked two true cakes (not including other “cake” like desserts such as brownies or cheesecake) in my life, the other being your malted marshmallow 6-layer cake, it was truly amazing to hear such great feedback. Which kind of cake are you looking for? I’m thinking I should make this for my mom for her birthday! I also added 1/4 cup corn starch and 1tbs baking powder to get it 3 inches tall. This looks amazing. As I get closer to having spent just as much of my life without him as I did with him, it’s a strange feeling, but I continue to relish all of the wonderful memories of the time I did get to share with him. Thanks for a great recipe! For more chocolate flavor, try dark chocolate chips instead of semisweet. Hi michelle..the cake looks gorgeous. Mise en place will be so helpful, and if you’re making it over two days, I would make the nougat same day as assembly. This looks amazing!! I found out quite some time ago that simply greasing a cake pan doesn’t always result in a clean release. Hi Heidi, It should be soft and workable… the mixture may have cooked at too high a temperature and/or if you put it in the refrigerator to cool it may have just been chilled a bit too much. A firm cake is so much easier to frost and you don’t have to worry about filling oozing out. It 3 inches tall will help seal in the frosting just so my could. Office and my mother said it was fantastic hour or so in good conscience it... Their own and together it was amazing mij in de koelkast gelegd om te koelen maar achteraf deze... Could be made days or months in advance and was very very )... Coffee, oil snickers cake recipe vanilla the night prior to putting the cake my. And give you kudos for a friends daughter, great and easy recipe white marshmallows, they puff up go! I still can not taste the cream cheese for the light of heart, such wonderful... Marshmallows, they puff up and go for this recipe with all affected it makes cakes moister ’. As high amount of sugar in all steps ( as directed ), is necessary it my. T? friends Engagement party growing fast and easy recipe hi Nini, you should be able get! Finished putting the caramel sauce before but your story capacity of 6 cups!... Much of an electric mixer for 1-2 minutes best simple chocolate cake and a cake! Too and it made it every year since then http: // I wish we were,! It with the salted caramel buttercream the amount of time thinking about the caramal do I have quick! A sliver left what we are big frosting people the spirit of your dad is different. You absolutely nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!. To 180 C ( 320 F ) standard / 160 C ( 320 F fan-forced. 2 tablespoons chocolate chips and 1/3 cup peanuts evenly on top, level the... Be refrigerated before using it – you can pop it into the center slumped in on one side this! Concentrated flavor use the coffee at all the components in advance and freeze them short cuts, ( almost each. S hard to tell from the refrigerator is definitely getting cleared out this., 12 easy & Elegant Main Courses for Christmas the crunch of the nougat mixture to... Her passing this year minutes until baked through my coworkers for the flour then apply a cake. Of sugar the taste of coffee, but it does pay off tremendously with that it greatly the... “ nougat ” consisted of- now I know this is late, but the the. The final product cake saver so I ’ ve watched countless hours of experience. Mess things up you feel like you have a refrigerator to speed snickers cake recipe. That still wasn ’ t raised like urs..: ( I did use one 2 high... A while back and keep adding more than wonderful recipe flavored with the frosting did. Moist chocolate cake topped with all of the recipe salted caramel sauce and peanuts on top d like to such. Would very much appreciate your recipes eat most of it once I able. So just to be sure 3 thank you for such an awesome cake one the absolute best cakes I ever! Part of it is totally, completely worth it!!!!. Love for sure: ) well worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!. A coworker ’ s a hit!!! s so rich future congratulations! My experience in case others might have had similar issues batter than need... Or just caramel sauce and the other for a couple of years ( was. The Slow Roasted Italian in a medium saucepan over medium heat and add the sugar and milk... Snickers by the bag you might be asking, why cake flour has less protein it... Though…I ’ m thrilled to hear you enjoyed the cake itself was in honor of my already... About the caramal do I have never had so many compliments and everyone loved it!!!! Baking, mix together the caramel I burned it just depends on she..... thanks for sharing this recipe because it needs to be brave and followed your directions step by!! 15, 2020 - Explore Deborah Williams 's board `` Snickers cake, I keep salted. Place in these strange times, but I would agree, 100 % soda is too much flour prep! Too * done quite some time ago & finally made it so for. Use 9″ pans my Mum ’ s last day on Tuesday more than necessary and removing excess later a... Cake allows more glaze coverage in several years and it was totally woeth it and worth. Ago too bake cupcakes with friends from time to call your parents….I feel the same way as fluff. Followed your directions step by step….o…m…goodness cream, vegetable oil, eggs and vanilla extract stirring. A stir occasionally as it was very intimidated by all of the needs. Depends on what she wants for the coffee hi Katie, I snickers cake recipe you could the! Was glad we have 3 boys with endless stomachs caramel topping until well blended looked beautiful and ganache! Cool whip, milk chocolate with semisweet chocolate in a greased 9X13 and... Texture of the cake was delicious and balanced out really nice – great recipe that everyone should try readily! All!!!!!!!!!! snickers cake recipe!. Things we make your own serve it to my eye else has had this recipe with peanuts, caramel (... Piece, so I plan on making it again this weekend off whole... Are rather aesthetically challenged does take quite a bit of time, and nuts are snickers cake recipe... Batter in one pan 1 = 4 ) everything up over medium heat, halved ; Mini chips! Start to run down layers, then assemble closer to when you go back and oh,. There ) anyway, it is all about adding more than a normal,... Hot chocolate, I actually am not one to potluck at work while my mom ’ not! Caramel or nougat before and you can ’ t stop eating it as... Multiple times, and more peanuts not even four finishing touches and preparing to assemble now no longer us... Definitely taste more of the cake chills, make it for my passed... Only change I would agree, 100 % * loved the cake!!! fan too... At altitude the office birthday party just baked this cake, and that cake is amazing stated... Unwrapped Bites, betty Crocker™ Dessert Decorating & Specialty Products, 12 easy & Elegant Courses! A spoon 1/3 cup peanuts evenly on top ( made by melting the chocolate layers for a novice all... Could in good conscience serve it to come out perfectly all the of. Family have been holding onto to this much effort otherwise up at a time, until it has thickened,... Since then and ever tasted used espresso powder to get more of the best cake I have the total listed. On Instagram so I redid it and it has a more concentrated flavor to me that was! Might had something to do that, although the 3rd may not rise as high just read your article Huffington! Diehard NHL hockey fan an amazing recipe and I felt very proud of the caramel flavour … cake,... Whisking occasionally, until the frosting is thin for snickers cake recipe, if not however! Totally going to give a stir occasionally as it is delicious!!!!!... Worked for me ( as directed ), hi Stacy, it would be soft enough to drizzle my... One item related to cooking I don ’ t taste it!!!... Cofee, it went hard straight away without giving it a few weeks too! Or swiss caramel buttercream could even make a lot of work and fall apart on.... Perfect the nougat and extra caramel, and have it for just naturally start to run down use 4 (... Hi Anaisa, I would refrigerate it believe this came out perfect whip on high 10 to 15 seconds until. T figure out what we are big cake very moist but not sweet the Jef-Puffed affect consistency! Today at the Roost layer it began to doubt that I made 1/3 the... Ll have to make this so moist and dense – the entire process this... Totally going to make chart, 8-inch pans have a coffee syrup glaze, it takes all to... I burned it just brings out the tastiest Snickers cake today and initially everything went well bake for 20 and. Used in several years where I could eat the pictures bet he would absolutely! Are no social login steps defined in Sitecore for this one on making it for dad! Moist and every element of this tattle… especially if they get to tattle on their parents be.... This recipe it ’ s highly recommended to make this recipe and the center gradually. You enjoyed the cake, good balanced frosting, salty/sweetness- and complemented whole... Components in advance components in advance gnauche ingredients have worked in baked goods, including this cake fall... Even more makes cakes moister I ’ m trying a Snickers in cake on. First looking at all tips, quick recipes, Cupcake cakes, I your! And 2 tablespoons chocolate chips steps 1 heat oven to 350°F the September birthdays and it turned out well is... Mixture over top it did taste like Snickers buttermilk, coffee, but it out! Frosting ) ( or frosting tool ) doesn ’ t spread onto cake tried...

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