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Return from Gyokuro Tea to Types of TeaReturn to The Right Tea Homepage, ”In the Taste of a single cup of tea you will eventually discover the truth of all the ten thousand forms in the universe.” - Attributed to Kyongbong Sunim, Ch'an (Zen) Master. A good Gyokuro is rich in L-theanine which gives its intense umami – sweet flavor. Always take your Gyokuro tea unsweetened and it will help lower blood pressure and protect you from dangerous toxins. Basil tea is made from the leaves of this very popular cooking herb. This elegant tea is cultivated using the ooishita method, which involves shading young tea leaves from direct sunlight to increase theanine levels and produce exceptional umami flavor. Savor a wonderful tea and enjoy the ultimate green tea experience. This means it will enhance your cognition and alertness, shorten your reaction time, stimulate your heart and improve your concentration. It is essential to prevent moisture from ruining the tea leaves. Our organic Gyokuro (pronounced gyo-KUR-o) represents the pinnacle of organic Japanese green tea. Handpicking leaves one by one takes careful work: even experienced workers can only yield 10 to 12 kg per day. Do you have a question? Choose Gyokuro green tea and take the next step in the world of Japanese green teas. Green tea has many varieties such as sencha, matcha and hojicha. Brewing at a low temperature lessens the bitterness of the tea and brings out its umami to the fullest,” Kiya said. In the cup, this creates a … This type of tea is relatively expensive due to its smooth and luxurious taste as well as extra labor involved in growing. The tea is of a pale yellow-green color with very slight acidity. There are even organic versions of gyokuro available for consumers who want to make sure their tea was grown according to certain guidelines. Gyokuro (Japanese: 玉露) is a premium shade-grown Japanese green tea with a high concentration of rich umami flavor. Personalized Tea Favors from The more narrow definition of sencha serves to differentiate it from gyokuro and kabusecha. Yasuhiko Kiya, a green tea evaluator who manages a tea shop in Yame, shared with us the best way to brew and drink Yame’s dento hon-gyokuro.“My favorite is koori-dashi, which uses melting ice to brew the tea very slowly. Other good news is presence of fluoride and minerals in your Gyokuro tea. Also known as Bocha (stick tea), Kuckicha is derived from the production of Sencha and Gyokuro. But I think they understood our passion towards tea and kindly shared their tips.”. Disclaimer: Please consult with your doctor before taking any products presented. It is unlike that of any tea you have ever tasted and no tea collection would be complete without it. The first with a regular kettle and with an eyeballed measure of temperature. You can re-infuse Gyokuro tea leaves up to 4 or 5 times, but the temperature and steeping time varies. Its high grade and premium reputation are the result of the special processing methods that this tea undergoes. Experiment to find what best matches your taste preferences. Grown in the shade in the Kagoshima Prefecture to boost chlorophyll and amino acid theanine, our organic Gyokuro has a savory umami and semi-sweet flavor. In addition, Yame has boldly tried to adopt a new variety in the gyokuro-making process. With a dew-like aroma, less astringency, and a thick character, this tea is one for slowly sipping and savoring. Finally the leaves are aged for several months before packaging and shipping to tea shops around the world. For a rare and expensive tea like Gyokuro. The bottled tea uses “Superlative”, the highest-grade tea leaves chosen at the National Fair of Tea. Again thanks to its high content of antioxidants, Gyokuro green tea is able to fight free radicals, which are responsible for the growth of tumors. to receive updates, photos and interesting tips and news! As you see, the amount of tea and the water temperature differs from other teas. Green tea's ability to boost vitality, decrease inflammation, improve brain function and block cancer causing free radicals has been studied for decades, making green tea a proven superfood. Note that 5 or 10 degrees up or down from the ideal temperature will make a difference in the taste of your tea. The flavor of the tea perfectly matches the taste of the seaweed. Therefore, if you are looking for an energy boost that lasts longer, without getting stressed, Gyokuro is a great coffee alternative. The batches are small, but the tea’s appearance, taste and aroma is absolutely amazing.”. Add 1 or 2 grams of loose leaf tea per ounce of water (30ml). And don’t forget to follow us on Enjoying this great and fine tea requires a bit of care and attention. Hopes to bring Yame’s dento hon-gyokuro brewed through this special process to more people have led to the release of bottled koori-dashi tea, which encapsulates the rich flavors of gyokuro in a bottle. Shading defines the character of the tea by reducing the photosynthesis process and so increasing the chlorophyll content. Once plucked the leaves are immediately steamed to stop the oxidation process and preserve their characteristic flavor. Be healthy “Bottling Tea Yame Dento Hon-gyokuro Special brew”is available at 12,000 yen, each containing 180ml. By this stage, the tea leaves are called "aracha" and will be sorted into several grades named "tencha". Combine it with a balanced diet and exercise and you will feel it working every step of the way, improving your overall well-being. Organic Gyokuro Green Tea – 18 Bleach-Free Tea Bags – Energizing Tea with Caffeine, Invigorating and Stimulating Coffee Alternative, Rich in Nutrients, Kosher, GMO … A cup of Gyokuro tea is made with very little water and very little tea, that’s why small porcelain cups are advisable. Gyokuro and sencha produce the most robust green tea flavors. It uses four kinds of stems, stalks and twigs. This is a tea not to be missed! The infused leaves will have the appearance of dark green shoots and you should start to sense a gentle marine-like odor. Why is this tea the finest or best Japanese green tea? Pinterest! Yame has been awarded first prize 20 years in a row as the best location for gyokuro plantation in the Zenkoku Cha Hinpyokai (the National Fair of Tea). This makes this Japanese green tea quite expensive and difficult to find, but it is definitely worth the investment and the time. We love its tea oil and chlorophyll notes. Rich flavors and the beautiful color of brewed gyokuro (high-grade green tea) continues to attract fans. Visit The Right Tea's profile on Pinterest. In this definition, sencha is the unshaded tea leaf that contrasts with the umami-rich shaded tea leaves that are gyokuro (shaded about 20 days) and kabusecha (shaded for 10-14 days). Gyokuro is one of the world’s costliest teas. The finest grades of tencha will make Gyokuro tea come to life. Your breath will be fresher and you will have reasons to smile because a healthy mouth is the first step to a healthy digestive system. Gyokuro tea should be drunk plain and slowly, to enjoy the distinctiveness of the sweet and velvety flavor. This is a delicate tea, you may drink it at any time of day but it is ideal to drink in the afternoon if you wish to relax or after dinner as a treat. Brew Type. Gyokuro is a special type of green tea shaded from the sun for 20 days with specially made mats which allows the caffeine levels to increase in the leaves, in addition to allowing the amino acids to get stronger, producing a sweeter and stronger flavor. We love its tea oil and chlorophyll notes. Bottling Tea Yame Dento Hon-gyokuro 【Special brew】 The leaves are then fired to reduce the moisture one last time, thus making this tea last longer and enhancing its flavor. The thick leaves create an emerald colored beverage with a soft palate texture. “Usually, farmers are reluctant to share their traditional expertise with rivals in other prefectures. Why not enjoy this rich tea like a good glass of alcoholic drink at a special dinner table, or for a relaxing break time? Self-medication is not advised. It will act as an antiviral agent, preventing bacterial infections, dental plaque and tooth decay. Green tea has many varieties such as sencha, matcha and hojicha. The Intensity of the Flavor The intensity of the flavor is more in gyokuro than in the sencha tea. For the third brew, use water between 66ºC – 82ºC (150ºF – 180ºF) and let it steep for 1 minute. As a green tea it will help clean your mouth. For tea to be recognized as dento hon-gyokuro, it needs to clear many specific requirements such as strict management of fertilizer and handpicking of the leaves―a time-consuming and laborious process. “Around 30 years ago, we began using ‘Saemidori’, a brightly green-colored variety with little bitterness and rich sweetness and umami. The components of the flavor are so massive that some people describe the taste similar to a Japanese soup stock. Green tea antioxidants, namely EGCG, speed up your metabolism, burning calories and fat much faster. Kuki Gyokuro (Stems) 100g Bag. First grown in 1835, today this tea is mainly produced in the regions of Yame, Uiji and Asahina in Japan. Gyokuro tea leaves are long and spindly, like fine needles, due to how the leaves are straightened during processing. The tea color is pale green, the taste is deep and mellow, and the subtle noble aroma lingers in the mouth for a while. While sencha is usually grown under the full sun, gyokuro is shielded from the sun (shaded for approximately 20 days, but length vary by farmer and region). This site is for informational purposes only. 1. $ When buying, make certain that the tea is an authentic Japan-grown product. So let’s put the kettle on and have a cup of tea. Properly stored your tea can last up to 2 years and its taste will become even better as it ages! Gyokuro's umami and the unique sweetness and fragrance of stems. As a result, you will get a pure and fresh tea. Gyokuro is harvested only once a year in the early spring. However, caffeine in tea works as a healthier stimulant than caffeine in coffee, as it is released progressively throughout the day. For inquiries:0943-22-3000 (Yame Dento Hon-gyokuro Promotion Council). Of this, only around 15% make it to the final product. Follow us also on Gyokuro (玉露, lite rally translates as jade dew) is considered to be one of the highest grades of green tea in Japan.This high quality also comes with a high price, because gyokuro is one of the most expensive types of Japanese green tea! In other cases, the sencha has this herbaceous undertone to its flavor – sometimes this comes with a bit of bitterness. For more information go to the Privacy Policy, Cucumber Sandwiches – A Staple of the Afternoon Tea. This is truly an art that requires dedication, patience and skillfulness, allowing you to experience a truly calming and refreshing moment in the immense world of green tea and its benefits. However, at least from what I’ve noted, Gyokuro has more umami taste. The Tencha flavor, brewed by same way with Gyokuro, is quite unique, pure, noble, and elegant. Rich flavors and the beautiful color of brewed gyokuro (high-grade green tea) continues to attract fans. In order to age and enrich well, tea leaves need air, oxygen. Gyokuro has a sweet, soft marine-like flavor and amazing fragrance. Gyokuro is not a tea to quench your thirst but a tea that should be savored. The taste is outstanding but the delicate variety is easily affected by cold weather and very difficult to cultivate. Prepare this tea with a strainer to enjoy the flavor and fragrance of gyokuro. This type of tea is praised for its complex flavor with sweet grassy notes and mellow “steamed” taste characteristic to the finest of Japanese teas. Facebook Gyokuro’s umami is captured by cultivating the plant in the shade while it’s still sprouting. Preorders can be made between August 1 to November 15 through the website. “Gyokuro’s strong sweet taste and umami flavor become even richer when brewed this way.”. With such a special tea it is best to brew small quantities each time so choose a small porcelain teapot and drink the tea in small porcelain cups. To further reduce their moisture, the leaves are dried again. Gyokuro tea should be drunk plain and slowly, to enjoy the distinctiveness of the sweet and velvety flavor. With dark green needle-shaped leaves, this Japanese green tea is unique and quite rare. If the tea is aged by an inappropriate procedure or inappropriate type tea is aged, it will simply deteriorate. Place the dry tea leaves in an airtight container that does not let in light. By hiding from the sun, the plant develops a soft scent with a sweet aftertaste. Takao Shiimado, a municipal officer and a technical instructor at Yame City Office, answered our questions. In addition to its delicate taste, gyokuro’s abundant health benefits make it one of the finest green teas available. Disclaimer: Please consult with your doctor before taking any products presented. Gyokuro with its mild sweetness and subdued astringency is considered one of the highest grades of tea in Japan. ¥1,600. For the sencha tea, it brings in extra secondary flavors which could taste quite fruity. Gyokuro means Jade dew and is a highly regarded Japanese tea. By taking these diligent steps in brewing the perfect cup of tea, combined with a bit of patience, you can savor the rich umami flavor and aroma that only can be found with high-quality gyokuro tea. with a wide Give it time to melt completely and drink it slowly. As a result, Gyokuro has a distinctly mellow, sweet umami flavor and fresh aroma. Gyokuro tea is grown in different conditions from other green teas. Gyokuro is the best qualified tea produced with special technic which minimizes bitterness and pulls out sweetness from tea leaves. A few weeks before plucking, the tea bush is covered with black curtains or bamboo and straw shades, filtering about 90% of the sunlight. How do you drink Gyokuro tea? This is a special tea indeed, special in the way it is processed and special because of the many health benefits you get just by drinking a delicious cup of tea. The leaves become dark green and the tannin content is reduced, making a sweeter and less astringent tea. Being a green tea, Gyokuro has much to offer, and if you wish to learn more about the general benefits of this type of tea have a look at green tea health benefits. Perfectly capturing the umami and nutrients of the leaves, the bottle is best enjoyed in small amounts: pouring 25 to 30 ml into liquor glasses and drinking it slowly like whiskey is ideal. Gyokuro tea will strengthen your immune system, making it able to fight harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of cancer. It’s only natural that a tea as special as gyokuro would have its unique brewing requirements. Cucumber sandwiches are a mandatory staple in a traditional afternoon tea. This Gyokuro comes from Hoshino, Fukuoka Prefecture, which consistently produces excellent, high quality teas. Gyokuro is steam heated, maintaining the leaf’s dark green color and vegetal flavor profile. Then feel free to Contact Us! GYOKURO. Temperature needs to be higher, but brewing time shortens, because the tea leaves are already open and you want to preserve the taste of your tea. It is different both from Gyokuro and Matcha. choice of herbs! Gyokuro uses only the small tea leaves plucked from the top of the plant. Organic Gyokuro Green Tea – 18 Bleach-Free Tea Bags – Energizing Tea with Caffeine, Invigorating and Stimulating Coffee Alternative, Rich in Nutrients, Kosher, GMO … Shipments expected at the end of December. Grown in the Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan, our Gyokuro is shaded prior to harvesting, which stresses the tea plant, resulting in a higher chlorophyll content. This tea undergoes a special process to alter the chemical composition of its leaves. Yame’s gyokuro tea is bottled in a stylish, wine bottle-esque container. Only the youngest buds are picked once a year in the springtime, called the first flush, so it is quite a rare tea to find in stores. “Once, we used air cargo to send Yame tea to Kyoto, cited as the number one location for gyokuro production, and asked the producers there for advice on how to roll the tea leaves―the most important step in the tea production process,” Shiimado recalled. “We went through many obstacles and hard work to make Yame’s gyokuro number one at the national tea fair,” said Shiimado. Get the most out of your tea by learning how to brew Gyokuro tea. One of the places famous for gyokuro produce is Yame city in Fukuoka prefecture. It steeps at a low temperature and is consumed very slowly to savor its unique and rich flavor. Have a look at the following health benefits and find out if this is the right tea for you. Loose-leaf gyokuro is the most common form of the tea, and is available for about $10 per ounce from reputable sellers. “Our gyokuro is made through such careful processes and hard work. Gyokuro, dewy-colored Japanese green tea Intense, refined, with marine notes and a sweet, rounded, velvety flavor: Gyokuro tea is one of the finest quality Japanese green teas in the world, also known as “precious dew” or “dew of jade”. “Above all, I think the high quality of Yame’s gyokuro comes from our strict adherence to producing dento hon-gyokuro which requires very stringent conditions for cultivation,” Shiimado revealed. Gyokuro’s umami is captured by cultivating the plant in the shade while it’s still sprouting. Green tea contains caffeine and theanine, and Gyokuro tea, due to the leaves being less exposed to sunlight than any other green tea, has a higher amount of caffeine than most. One of the places famous for gyokuro produce is Yame city in Fukuoka prefecture. Tea expert Yamashita Toshikazu keeps this Gyokuro in a designated cold store for about 5 years to create an especially potent sweetness and mellow flavor. The aroma is very grassy and vegetal. Matcha Gyokuro Sencha Bancha Teabags Uji-Shimizu / Mugicha Utensils; Caffeine-free / Organic ¥1,000. does not sell any personal information. Gyokuro is the finest grade of Japanese green tea — a delicately balanced variety produced with special care. Drinking a cup of east frisian tea is a wonderful experience, one that is best enjoyed in East Frisia. After handpicking comes the process of rolling the steamed tea leaves while checking their texture―a process that takes many years of experience to master. If you don’t have a small scale, then the rule of thumb is that a teaspoon holds about 4 grams of dried tea leaves. To create Kuradashi Gyokuro, the green tea must be allowed to "breathe". Let’s take a sip of this tea and be transported to Japan on an unforgettable journey! Gyokuro can be quite an expensive tea, so you should be careful when storing it so that it lasts longer. I’m still new to quality Japanese green tea (and tea in general), so my experience is limited. Gyokuro is a special type of green tea shaded from the sun for 20 days. For the best results, use water at 85°C (185°F), as higher temperatures make the tea too strong. The rich-tasting tea is best paired with not only Japanese sweets but also strong-flavored foods, such as chocolates with high cacao percentage and blue cheese,” said Kiya. An organic green tea unlike any other, Gyokuro Yamashiro (“Jade Dew”) is shaded for 6-7 weeks prior to plucking, so it’s dark, extra-energizing and extremely rare outside of Japan. Learn more about gyokuro. Gyokuro is grown from specialized cultivars (clones) of the tea plant—Asahi is one of them (1 of 4) and this is the cultivar used in our Gyokuro. Except for powdered teas, any tea will work. Let’s take a deeper look at the processing of Gyokuro green tea to understand what makes it such a special and different tea. Drink this and other green teas on a daily basis to help prevent disease and premature cell aging. Kukicha has a creamy, nutty flavor, and a light colored brew. The bottled tea is expected to appear in restaurants overseas in the future. Drinking tea on a regular basis is a good way to do it. Share this page with your friends: When steeped, this aroma rises as an introduction to the wonderful, full vegetal flavor. At times, we only managed to harvest a sizable amount only once every four years,” Shiimado said. Gyokuro is a green tea that has an abundance of hearty-sweet umami flavor. Our Susuricha set contains all the appropriate items to guarantee that this flavor will be experienced to the utmost. Hojicha gives a strong roasted tea flavor while genmai tea (green tea mixed with rice kernels) adds the flavor of roasted rice. (C)SEKAIBUNKA PUBLISHING INC. All rights reserved. I tried two separate infusions with this Adagio Gyokuro. Gyokuro-ko (Flakes) 100g Bag. Gyokuro tea, also known as Pearl Dew or Jade Dew, undergoes a special processing method and is harvested just once a year and then only in certain tea plantations. The tea is of a pale yellow-green color with very slight acidity. An organic green tea unlike any other, Gyokuro Yamashiro (“Jade Dew”) is shaded for 6-7 weeks prior to plucking, so it’s dark, extra-energizing and extremely rare outside of Japan. Do you wish to keep your heart healthy and strong? If you wish to brew Gyokuro iced tea, pour 1.5 tablespoons of loose leaf into your cup and add 3 or 4 ice cubes. Buy gyokuro green tea leaves online today. I believe this is due to higher amounts of the amino acid L-Theanine. This refreshing treat is very easy to make. This is a delicate tea, you may drink it at any time of day but it is ideal to drink in the afternoon if you wish to relax or after dinner as a treat. Back to Top. It may be worth buying a thermometer for such an exquisite tea, and if you overheat the water you can let it cool down for a few minutes. Serve this tea to your guests when eating seafood or sushi. The delicate flavor and slightly sweet aftertaste makes Gyokuro the choice of green-tea connoisseurs. Once the Gyokuro green tea leaves are cooled down, they then undergo several stages of rolling in order to soften the leaves, promote drying and to allow them to acquire their delicate needle shape. Particularly in the first/second brewing. For the second brew, heat your water at 57ºC – 66ºC (135ºF – 160ºF), and infuse for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Also known as jade dew, gyokuro comes from the same plant as sensha, though the plant must be shielded from sunlight while growing. How does Yame achieve this despite its relatively small output of gyokuro? Drinking unsweetened green tea at meals or during the day may help you to lose any extra pounds you may have and still make you feel energetic and strong. Every drop of tea fills your body with minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and regulating your blood sugars levels. Treat yourselfto a moment of relaxation... ©Copyright 2009-2020 - All Rights Reserved Gyokuro has a dark green color, and when brewed it is slightly sweet, with a refreshing aroma. Available at the official online store:

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