7mm rem mag vs 300 win mag recoil

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In this article, I’m going to dive right into the 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag debate in order to provide you with the necessary information to decide which cartridge you should be using in various situations. On the other hand, since it shoots heavier and larger diameter bullets, the .300 Win Mag has a clear advantage when hunting larger game like elk, moose, caribou, and red stag. Both cartridges are flat shooting, heavy hitters with over 3,000 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle and are suitable for hunting most big game up to and including moose and Alaska brown bear. If you’ve enjoyed this article, you may also enjoy our reviews of the Best 300 Win Mag Scope and the Best Remington 700 currently available. Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous “I Have A Dream” speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. “The Rock” – Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was finally closed. Recently, someone tried talking me into the 6.5 creedmoor, which I am considering for my 5′-5″ 120 lb daughter. Which is the best cartridge when comparing the 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag? However, and this is pure personal opinion, I don't like putting the 7mm mag and the .300 in the same category. The 300 Win looks real good with bullets such as the 190 and 210 ABLRs BUT the 7mm Rem looks darned good with the 150's and 168 ABLRs as well. The 300 win mag has a little more energy than the 7mm but also comes with more kick. I totally agree: shot placement is the single most important factor when it comes to quickly and cleanly taking game. That being said, both cartridges have a moderate recoil that most shooters should be able to handle. Please remember, personal choice is a personal choice. Buy some quality 7mm Remington Magnum hunting ammo here. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but sometimes important details about the cartridges get overlooked or simply lost in the shuffle. There is no doubt that it very much depends on which side of the shooter’s fence you are sitting on. Though the .270 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield are both wonderful cartridges that have been incredibly popular with hunters since they were first introduced at the beginning of the 20th Century, gun designers never stopped looking for ways to improve upon the performance of those two old war horses. I always bring my 300 win mag as a back up incase my 06 scope gets bumped or for a really windy day, but my 06 is the go to rifle. _____ Due to the fact that the .300 Win Mag cartridge holds heavier bullets and gives additional case capacity, it will carry more down range energy than the 7mm Rem Mag. For example, when fired from the exact same rifle, a .300 Win Mag load firing a 165 grain bullet has about 25% more recoil than a 7mm Rem Mag load firing a 150 grain bullet at a similar muzzle velocity. Most shooters will be surprised to hear that this debate has been going on for almost 60 years now. It’s also an excellent cartridge for hunting most species of African plains game. I own a sako 223 , Sauer 243 , BRNO 308 , Brno 375 . Thanks for your support. Similar to the case with the 7mm WSM vs 7mm Rem Mag, the 300 WSM and .300 Win Mag factory loads often fire the exact same bullet at virtually identical velocities. And in DOUBT , whats the right rifle .As we arent allowed to own many rifles with all our laws, and the weak rand makes everything in SA expensive for us ordinary citizens . by a nose. I have both. We will shortly get into our selection of the 5 top hunting rounds for each cartridge. Additionally, I recorded an entire podcast episode on this exact subject. i have killed moose elk bear with my 7 mag it didnot fail me eneny way its flatten shotting hard hitting round it the bread and butter round 175 grain bullet will get it done you hit them they fall no complantists 3o elk 50 deer and many moose and grizzly down this is hunting round 175 grain its the dinner round. This compares favorably to 150 grain and 180 grain . Book an incredible African safari hunt here. Hope this helps, On the other hand, the .300 Winchester Magnum has a slightly longer case length (2.62″ vs 2.5″) as well as a shoulder that sits .156″ further forward than the shoulder of the 7mm Rem Mag. Please note that these choices are based on our experience of using a wide range of rounds for both cartridges. Both will get the job done. A lighter weight rifle coupled with the lighter recoil of the 7mm Rem Mag will see you taking down such things as mountain goats and bighorn sheep with accuracy and less fatigue. can use bullets of 120 grains, but things usually top out at 175 or 185 grains. I’m a bit of a rookie when it comes to big game hunting, six deer and two bull Elk. Since the .30-06 was mentioned in the comments…yes, it remains excellent for just about any situation one might reasonably encounter in North America. Gun writers have spilled a lot of ink comparing the accuracy of the 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag over the years. Additionally, the smaller diameter .284″ bullets the 7mm Mag uses have a higher ballistic coefficient and more sectional density than .30 caliber bullets of the same weight used by the .30-06 Springfield. The .300 Win Mag and the 7mm Rem Mag also serve the more experienced long-range hunter well. Bullet: 7.8 mm 4. 7mm Rem Mag and .300 Win. Taking the above measurements into account, the .300 Win Mag has around 5-8% advantage in terms of capacity. Thoughts on a rifle in 7mm or 300? The most popular being: In terms of factory loads, the 7mm Rem Mag maximum grain is 175 grain. It is common knowledge that when precision shots are required, both of these highly popular, highly accurate cartridges have seen extensive use by: Oh! Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > clemsonguy81 remington 700 cdl 30-06! From our selection, we will give a favorite round for each cartridge. Just about every major style of bullet is available in those cartridges as well like the Barnes TTSX, the Berger VLD, the Hornady ELD-X, GMX, InterBond, InterLock, and SST, the Nosler AccuBond, E-Tip, and Partition, the Remington Core Lokt, the Swift Scirocco and A-Frame, and the Winchester Power Point (just to name a few). Glad you enjoyed the article Heine. For example, when fired from the exact same rifle, a .300 Win Mag load firing a 165 grain bullet has about 25% more recoil than a 7mm Rem Mag load firing a 150 grain bullet at a similar muzzle velocity. has an obvious weight advantage, topping out at 240 grains. To us, it really does show the amount of healthy debate between hunters when comparing and discussing the merits of both. That being said,  even though they have a lot in common, and even though there is a big overlap in their capabilities, many hunters and shooters love to debate the pros and cons of the 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag. Remington completed their coup with something that ensured popularity and longevity for all shooters, and in particular with hunters, in that the design of the 7mm Rem Mag cartridge enabled it to fit into any rifle with a standard length action. This time period saw a wave of new belted magnum cartridges based on the .375 H&H Magnum (like the .264 Winchester Magnum, .338 Winchester Magnum, and .458 Winchester Magnum). Not as flat shooting as a 7 mag. The 7mm Rem Mag has the ability to shoot the same bullet weight faster than the.30-06. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to create free content that’s useful to hunters like yourself. I’m a one gun type of guy and would like to use the 7mm exclusively. Hence, in 1963 the .300 Winchester Magnum was born. Thanks for your comment Milton. I bought a Winchester Model 70.in 7mm Remington Magnum. Both rifles work equally as well. Indeed, the 7mm Mag will shoot the same weight bullet faster than the .30-06. Own the 7 mm RM. While each one may be better suited to specific situations than the other, they are both excellent cartridges overall. Base: 13.0 mm .30-06 Springfield (7.62×63mm) 1. We are sure some shooters will agree with our choice, and some will not. This assassination of the assassin occurred just two days later, while Oswald was being transported from Dallas Police HQ to the Dallas County Jail. Recoil is 21.7 energy pounds.The .300 Win Mag shooting a 180gr bullet at 2,960fps out of an 8.5 pound rifle. John. Think, pronghorn, mule, and fallow deer. The 7mm approaches it, and the 300 exceeds it. Indeed, the fact that 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum are two of the most popular cartridges used by North American and New Zealand hunting guides really says a lot about their effectiveness on a wide variety of big game from feral hogs to moose. As an example, 150 grain and 175 grain .284″ bullets have sectional densities of .266 and .310 respectively. Overall well thought out and written. Regardless, if I had to pick just one of these for all-round hunting, it would be the 7mm Rem. The trajectory is not quite as flat with the .375 as it is with the 7mm or .300, but it will fit the bill nicely out to 300 yards or so if you’re up to the task as a shooter. This is because both hard-hitting cartridges have solid, flat shooting capabilities. In such a competitive environment carrying out a little internet hunting will work to your advantage. This was built along the same configuration lines as their existing belted magnums. By the same token, the fact that the 7mm Remington Magnum also has a relatively mild recoil also makes it a great cartridge for mountain hunts where a lightweight rifle is really desirable, like mountain goat, bighorn sheep, Himalayan Tahr, and chamois hunting. Thank you – great information and detail. Would love to see the same comparisons with 280AI, 28 nosler, 300 prc compared with the familiar 7RM and 300 wm. But granted, in the field I don’t think I’ve ever felt any recoil at all. You can see some of the differences between the .300 Winchester Magnum and 7mm Remington Magnum cartridges in the photo below. At the same time, it was also extremely accurate (Ben Comfort famously won the 1935 Wimbledon Cup using the cartridge). It measures 2.62 inches – The 7mm Rem Mag is 2.5 inches. The 7mm Rem Mag overall length is slightly smaller than the .300 Win Mag – 3.34 inches against 3.29 inches. Being a “seasoned” hunter, I am naturally drawn to classic knives and firearms. Honestly, in a hunting rifle, (a few shots a year) I dont think its a concern vs a bench rest rifle (hundreds to thousands of shots a year) from what little I’ve read so far. The 7mm wby is based on the 270 wby (Roy Weaterby's first cartridge)which is a shortened and blown out 300 H&H magnum with weatherby's signiture double radius shoulder. Mag. But, it’s time for us to throw some thoughts into the ring for those whose passion is hunting. However, they really shine in situations where hunters need a flat shooting cartridge for taking shots out past 200-300 yards. One of the reasons the 6.5CM has gained popularity (besides great marketing) is it has mild recoil that competitive shooters love while maintaining sufficient energy and penetration. We have already stated that both cartridges are flat shooting and that they are heavy hitters. Mag. Do you hunt in Canada or Alaska and need a heavy hitting cartridge just in case you find yourself on the wrong end of a brown or grizzly bear attack? Taking this lead, many other large US ammunition companies followed suit. Buy an excellent .300 Winchester Magnum hunting rifle here. Do you spend a lot of time in the mountains or the backcountry mountain goat, sheep, or tahr hunting where it’s really nice to have a lightweight rifle? Depending on which 7mm mag you choose the energy pound of recoil range from 19 to 29 pounds, in comparison a 12 gauge with 3" mag load is about 58 pounds. Now that we have explained the history between these two game-changing cartridges, let’s carry out some comparisons. Will be purchasing a .300 win mag for the Colorado Elk hunt I have planned for this fall. :-) Either will drop game reliably at distance. Good luck with your new rifle! Price is obviously important. As well as our in-depth look at the 7mm Remmington Magnum. For that reason, both cartridges have the same rim diameter. This cartridge is often referred to with different abbreviations, including – 7mm Rem Mag, 7mm RM, or 7mm Mag. Just remember, if you do have a preferred ammo supplier(s) and their service is good, it will probably pay you to stick with them. With its heavier, larger diameter bullets, many experienced hunters prefer this cartridge when going after larger game. The second ‘initiative’ required far more planning and investment, but taking this step sealed the deal. I currently have both a 700 Remington and a M77 Ruger type rifles. In this instance, we are taking 200-300 yards as reasonable distances. Only two times weren’t one shot kills and were my fault at 100 & 150 yards. which has more recoil and which would you recamend for a 15 year old thats 5 ft 8 in and 165 lbs. The elk hunters I associate use a variety of calibers, including a .338 Winchester Magnum, 300 Winchester, .270 and 7 Mag. Here’s a brief history of both cartridges. Both of these cartridges are highly effective over longer distances, and these shooters can be confident of scoring kill hits at 400-500 yards and beyond. This compares favorably to 150 grain and 180 grain .308″ bullets which have sectional densities of .226 and .271 respectively. It's not because of the cartridge. We thoroughly respect whichever cartridge between the 7mm Rem Mag and the .300 Win Mag most suits you, your activity, and your style. Nosler Trophy Grade AccuBond Long Range 190 grain. In a flight that lasted just less than 5 hours, he orbited Earth 3 times. All that being said, the 7mm Rem Mag still has a slight edge with most bullets in common use, even when compared to heavier .30 caliber bullets. For that reason, virtually every ammunition manufacturer of note like Barnes, Berger, Black Hills, Browning, Federal Premium, Hornady, Nosler, PPU, Remington, Swift, Weatherby, and Winchester produces a wide array of high quality 7mm Rem Mag and .300 Win Mag factory ammunition. Several have reported kills with a .243 and the … If you are one of the many hunters whose main prey consists of hogs, deer, or black bear that are targeted at distances under 200 yards or so, then bullet drop is no big concern. Exactly what I was looking for. If you’d rather listen than read, you can either just press play below or click the appropriate link to download the episode through your preferred service. The express intention was to form the U.S. Navy’s principal special operations force. The new cartridge essentially duplicated the ballistics of the .300 H&H Magnum, but used a much shorter case that allowed the cartridge to fit in a standard length action. Or should I just stay with the 375 and download it for whitetails? Along with lots of choices for ammunition, there is an abundance of great hunting rifles produced by nearly every big firearms manufacturer chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum. If truth be told, hunters who shoot at typical ranges whilst out in the field will not notice a significant ballistic difference between the two cartridges. Both cartridges will do the job, but the .300 Win Mag offers a clear advantage since it has a larger diameter and can use heavier bullet weights that are much better suited for extremely large and/or tough game. I’ve made some extremely long shots (without rangefinder, 2 ft hold-over), and it’s done the job every time. Cartridge case capacities were obtained from Chuck Hawks. Purchasing cartridges made by the company that had manufactured their rifle was an easy sell to many Model 70 owners. Do you primarily hunt deer, hogs, or black bear in an area where long distance shots past 200 yards are uncommon and bullet drop isn’t a big concern? In the case of the 7mm Rem Mag vs .30-06, we do see some differences that warrant some discussion when it comes to the topic of accuracy. Not as powerful and no longer as popular as it used to be but still excellent. From these five rounds, we would highly recommend the…, HSM Trophy Gold VLD Berger – 168 grain round. You place your order (and pay for it!). Both of these highly effective cartridges are belted magnums. Assuming we are comparing cartridge quality and design on a like-for-like basis including weight, the 7mm Rem Mag’s smaller diameter gives it: However, the fact is that more often than not, the .300 Win Mag uses heavier bullets. The table below compares how much a 10 mile per hour crosswind impacts those same 4 loads out to 500 yards.The two Barnes loads have almost an identical amount of wind drift, but the 7mm Rem Mag Nosler AccuBond load has a slight edge over the .300 Win Mag AccuBond load. Our 300 Win Mag choice from the above five has to be the…, Nosler Trophy Grade AccuBond Long Range – 190 grain. The .270 Winchester vs. the 7mm Remington Magnum. It’s a superb round. Surely one of the most enduring and popular comic series characters in history. Since they are such popular bullet sizes used by other cartridges like the 7mm-08 Remington, .280 Ackley Improved, .308 Winchester, and .30-06 Springfield, and 30o PRC, there are lots and lots of .284 and .308 caliber bullets of varying weights and styles to choose from, so you shouldn’t have much trouble working up a custom load that shoots very accurately in your chosen rifle. You may hear it referred to as the .300 Win Mag, the .300 WM, the .300 Mag, or the .300 Winchester. As I’ve stated many times: the 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum are both outstanding rifle cartridges. 7mm mag vs 300 Short mag by: PB I have owned a Remington 7mm mag rifle(s) and used it almost exclusively for hunting deer, elk and moose since 1968. Lyndon Johnson was then sworn in as the new President just 2 hours after the Assassination. One shot, one bear down. The bipod would come off the bench about 2" everytime I fired it. There’s also nothing saying the .300 Win Mag isn’t suitable for smaller animals or that can’t also be a great rifle for a mountain hunt. Im from South Africa , we shoot alot of Kudu , from 80m to 500m , depending on which farm we hunt. The biggest difference between the two cartridges is the size and weight of the bullets they fire though: the 7mm Remington Magnum uses .284″ bullets and the .300 Winchester Magnum uses .308″ bullets. That being said, the .300 Win Mag has noticeably more recoil than the 7mm Rem Mag. The logical bottom end for the.300 Winchester ranges between 130 and 150 grains, depending on bullet construction; the 7mm Rem. Love the sev mag. And I know my rifle so well, I can still hit a gong at 500 yards with it. The straight fact was that the .308 Norma and the .300 Winchester Magnum were extremely similar. For all practical purposes though, there isn’t a significant difference in the ballistics of the .300 Win Mag and 7mm Rem Mag at typical hunting ranges. These will give substantially better performance than the 308 and won't burn barrels nearly as fast as the 7mm mag. Bullet: 7.2mm 4. Before we get started, I have an administrative note: Some of the links below are affiliate links. Among others, the Remington Model 700, Browning X-Bolt, CZ-550, Mossberg Patriot, Nosler M48, Ruger M77 Hawkeye, Savage 11/111, Thompson Center Compass, Tikka T3X, Weatherby Mark V and Vanguard, and the Winchester Model 70 are all available in 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum. Since .308 Norma rifles and factory ammo were much less common than in North America, the new Winchester cartridge quickly overtook and eventually replaced the .308 Norma in that market. Are you sensitive to recoil? In a nutshell, here’s why: given equal rifle mass, optimum bullet Ballistic Coefficients and Muzzle Velocities in each caliber, the 7mm RM will shoot flatter, drift less and recoil with less brain jarring recoil than the 300 WM. Consider going with the 7mm Rem Mag, which has a lighter recoil that’s more manageable in a small and light rifle. 7mm Rem Mag is of smaller caliber than the 300 Win Mag, it is a very good choice for lighter, smaller animals I’ve done longe range training schools out to 1000 yards in the Texas hill country, Kyrgyzstan will be a different story. The heavier bullets with more frontal area will do better than lighter bullets. Having said that, ammunition manufacturers and online ammo suppliers know full well that competition for sales is tight. If you can make the shot and score an ethical kill on the game animal, go for it. You then have to wait for stock replenishment before your ‘paid for’ ammo is sent out to you. I think we’re in agreement overall with the 7mm Mag and 300 Win Mag, it’s just a matter of degrees. Couple quality cartridges in either caliber with good shot placement, and you have an excellent hunting combination. You’re 100% correct about the 6.5 Creedmoor. In the field it won't make much of a difference. This being the case, we could argue black is white and still expect shooters who favor the accuracy of one over the other to side with their choice. Good luck on your elk hunt! John. John. are both great. 57031 / 7 mm Remington Mag w/ Bushnell scope. and 7mm Rem. Prices and availability for vary from region to region, but ammunition for both cartridges is widely available and similarly priced as well. The taking down of big game on a regular basis should be yours. The smaller caliber 7mm Remington Magnum is wonderful for smaller and lighter animals like mule deer, pronghorn, or fallow deer. Using a shortened .375 H&H Magnum case paired with a .284″ bullet, the 7mm Remington Magnum (often referred to as the 7mm Rem Mag, 7mm RM, or 7mm Mag) offered a significant ballistic improvement over the .30-06. and many other cartridges at home and around the world. When your considering mid Asian ibex hunt, it’s not about ego making long shots, it’s about being equipped Responsibly and properly training for shots that will range from 400-600 yards on a tough animal in tough conditions. Boy, are we continuing the contentious or what? As we compared the 7mm Rem mag against the long established .30-06 Springfield, it is only fair we do this with the .300 Win Mag. I will likely read more in the future. I was wondering how you felt about the new larger bullets that are coming out in 7mm. I bought a stainless steel version with the limited production Ballistic Optimization System. Very good article. I used the Hornady Ballistic calculator and Handloads.com to compare wind drift and recoil for the cartridges. The fact that it also has a milder recoil than the 300 Win Mag makes the 7mm Rem Mag a sound choice for those heading out on mountain hunting expeditions. Recoil can certainly be a factor for shooters. Re: 300 Win Mag recoil...how bad is it? Remington used a shortened .375 H&H Magnum case, which they paired with a .284 inch bullet. Take care, Parent Case: .30-03 Springfield 2. Do you want an ideal cartridge for moose, elk, kudu, eland, and/or red stag hunting? 1962 – A year of huge significance in the U.S. history books. Thanks Had a 06, never got a shot, sold it, bought a 7mm, shot some deer 80- 125 yards. The case length of the .300 Win Mag is a little longer. Federal Trophy Bonded Tip Vital-Shok 180 grain. That cartridge has a lot going for it, especially recoil. As the 7mm Rem Mag was born first, let’s start with it…. If you can handle a 12 gauge the 7 mag is nothing more than maybe a 3" 20 gauge. No biggie in my book. On the contrary, it’s a fantastic cartridge that’s extremely popular for good reason. You should be wary of’ tempting’ offers that appear too good to be true. With it came a brand new cartridge, the 7mm Remington Magnum. Have killed every thing from squirrels to moose with it.works like magic every time! My one disagreement would be with recoil. Shooters will find that most factory loads for the 7mm Rem Mag shoot bullets in the 139-175 grain range. Grew up in a shotgun zone, so rifle recoil isn’t as big of an issue. In fact, the difference in published velocity is often smaller for the 300 WSM vs 300 Win Mag than the 7mm WSM and 7mm Rem Mag. This should give sufficient background on two bullets that have quite rightly reached iconic status. No question it isn’t. bullets from the.270 Win. He's convinced that most debates about their relative merits are much ado about little. If they are offering tip-top service in terms of availability, prompt delivery, and responsive customer service, then you are on a winner. Mag. 300 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua vs 338 Win Mag: Picking The Right Heavy Hitter. This means they need to be competitive in order to thrive. The U.S. introduced ZIP Codes in a move to make mail delivery more efficient. At least some companies like Remington and SAKO put the 7mm Rem Mag in rifles with 3.6" magazines so it can shoot low drag bullets. I’ve had the opportunity to compare the 7mm Rem Mag and the .300 Weatherby Mag, in the latter’s case with .300 Win Mag levels of power. I just don’t want to blow it on an elk hunt when I get out there. Which factory rounds are best suited to each cartridge for hunting purposes? There is certainly nothing wrong with this stance. Use this and stopping power along with highly effective terminal ballistics are yours. While it is true that .308 inch bullets are used in both cartridges, the .300 Win Mag is more suited for shooters using heavier bullets (200-220 grain range). The first ‘initiative’ was very straightforward. 7mm Remington Magnum (7.2x64mm) 1. That said, the .375 Ruger is awesome too. For those interested, ZIP stood for “Zoning Improvement Plan.”. I started with an 06. Comparing prices and keeping a keen eye out for any special offers should be carried out on a regular basis. Base: 12.0 mm From the first look, there are no significant differences between 7mm Remington Magnum and .30-06 Springfield when it comes to profile. Just three months after her last public appearance, where she sang an intimate “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe was found dead. Like the .308 Norma, the .300 Winchester Magnum essentially duplicated the performance of the .300 H&H Magnum in a shorter case that fit in a standard length rifle action. The .308 Win and 7mm-08 Rem are also very good choices as general-purpose rounds and will remain so. Most 7mm Rem Mag loads fire bullets ranging between 139-175 grain, with the most common grains being the 140grain, 150 grain, 160 grain, and 175-grain loads. Handloads are 72.5gr of re22 pushing a 190gr matchking at around 2900 fps. Rifling Twist: 1:9 to 1:10 3. That’s not to diminish the capabilities of the .300 Winchester Magnum at all. You will also find that those manufacturers carry several different models of each. Hard to go wrong with either. I haven’t had a complaint. However, this is where the strengths and weaknesses of each cartridge start to diverge though. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how many people get confused about the strengths and weaknesses of the .300 Winchester Magnum and 7mm Remington Magnum, particularly when discussing which cartridge is best for hunting particular animals under specific conditions. The fact that both are still thriving almost 60 years after their introduction tells us that each one has found huge favor with shooters. by Content - Last updated December 13, 2020. The longest shot at 550 yards. Nosler provided the load data used to compare trajectory, case capacity, and recoil for the cartridges (here and here). It cannot be stressed enough. Sorry. Informative. It is versitile, flat shooting, has reasonable recoil, and with the effeciency of its projectiles, offers downrange energy rivaling many of the .300 Win loads. I can’t count the number of large Russian boars I’ve downed with one shot with the 06 and proper bullets at up to 250 yards.One last thought, it is more powerful than the increasingly popular 308 and shines head and shoulders above it when it comes to using heavy for caliber bullets. Either (assuming .300 Win Mag) one can be bought in just about any sporting goods store that sells rifles and ammunition. It's almost, but not quite, comparing apples to oranges. But it’s nonetheless like, do you choose filet mignon or Delmonico ribeye? This really is a contentious topic. With all other conditions being equal, it also meant that the Remington cartridge had better penetration. In my case, for most situations, I do prefer the somewhat lower recoil of the 7mm Rem Mag. This is because we class shooters in this category as having greater shooting and shot accuracy placement skills. They’re both flat shooting and hard hitting cartridges. The 300 seems to have a little more forgiveness. On January 1st, 1962, The US Navy SEALS were created. But not by much. This means I will earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase. Bearing in mind the close match in overall size, it is easy to understand that ballistics-wise, both the .300 Win Mag and the 7mm Rem Mag are quite similar. Prices for a box of 20 will vary depending upon your chosen supplier and which model you decide upon.

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